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Creation Trebiana is a company founded in July 2019 by a soul traveler, Bianca Trubiano. Since childhood, her dream has always been to be a fashion designer. Unfortunately, her course of study turned out to be more than atypical: she changed university program three times.

After a dark period in her life in 2012, she finally turned to fashion, her passion, in the Industrial Management of Fashion program at the Montreal Fashion School. After her internship in a company, Bianca took sewing courses to refine her apprenticeships in the fashion industry.


At the end of her studies in 2015, Bianca decided to work for a few fashion companies. Not being satisfied with her job, she dares to think about starting her own business. Travel has always taken an important place in her life, hating the cold, she preferred the southern beaches. It was then that she started making her own swimsuits that were reversible and had no visible seams. After a year of research and development, Bianca opened her swimwear company, which she made herself: Creation Trebiana.


In addition, the founder wants to be more ecological: offer organic or recycled fabrics. After some research, a supplier stood out, Kendor: a Canadian company that specializes in knitted and woven textiles in an environmentally friendly manner. The company ensures that partner factories adhere to many global standards of environmental and social compliance.

All current models are available in Nylon or Recycled Polyester fabric.

- 80% Nylon - 20% Spandex

- 92% Recycled Polyester - 8% Spandex

* Soon, only recycled fabrics will be available *

Creation Trebiana prioritizes local production: from product development to clothing. As a result, the pattern work is done in Montreal by Bianca. She is helped by a friend, Isabelle Berger, who has expertise in terms of pattern and gradation.


In a few years, Creation Trebiana wishes to hire Quebec labor to manufacture its swimsuits. In the longer term, we wants to offer its production services for other companies who want to follow suit for greener and local production.




Passion for fashion, I completed my studies in Fashion Design at Marie-Victorin College in Montreal and graduated in 2011. I decided to continue in Fashion Marketing at the École Supérieure de Mode in Montreal and finished my bachelor in 2015. During this time, I carried out several tailor-made projects and also gave lessons to high school students to develop a collection from A to Z.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to learn the pattern and gradation on computer software for a uniform company. It was then that I met Brigitte, colleague and future partner. A few years later, we decided together to offer a product development service for businesses and emerging entrepreneurs.

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